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The natural skincare, made for men's skin.

We are opening a spa… In your bathroom!

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Face & Body Surgras Soap 100g
Rhassoul Kitchen
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A true magic potion with properties that have been recognised for centuries, our Rhassoul soap and its rich, silky lather recharges your skin for the entire day. Straight from the Atlas Mountains, Rhassoul clay lands in your bathroom and gives your soap its unique cleansing and nourishing power!

As always, we offer a clever blend of natural ingredients: rhassoul cleans, purifies and nourishes your skin and beard, while shea butter brings richness and creaminess for maximum comfort in the shower. 97.1% of ingredients are of natural origin, 8% surgras. 

Collect under hot water, lather by rubbing, then wash your face, beard, and/or hair. Discover on the pack all our advice to make of your RHASSOUL KITCHEN soap the Swiss Army knife of your toilet bag!

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Face & Body Surgras Soap 100g
Coal Of Beauty
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It is necessary to save the skin from problems! Thanks to its natural charcoal, the COAL OF BEAUTY lipid-enriched soap absorbs excess sebum, bacteria, and other impurities responsible for infections and pimples. A real boost for oily skin! Finally, its creamy and generous foam, perfumed with palmarosa, will delight your senses, every morning!

The charcoal on your COAL OF BEAUTY soap is the best ally for flawed skin. Very effective against pollution particles, bacteria, and impurities responsible for rednesses and pimples, it guarantees a clean face every time you use it. The coconut and jojoba oils offer you a creamy and generous foam, ideal for a face mask. Finally, the Palmarosa brings this small olfactory supplement, that will warm your senses, every morning. 

* 99.9% of ingredients of natural origin

* 7% lipid-enriched

* 5% glycerin

In the shower, rub your soap to bring out its creamy lather, then simply wash! You can also use the COAL OF BEAUTY soap as a purifying mask. To do so, apply its lather directly to your face, then leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing. Do not hesitate to repeat this two or three times a week if necessary. Arrivederci oily skin!

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Exfoliating Cleanser 250 ml
Face Wash
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Give to your face a spring clean with the FACE WASH cleansing gel, certified COSMOS NATURAL. Its natural formula combines the tenderness of sweet almond and shea butter with the purifying action of perlite, a volcanic stone with exfoliating properties. Experience a pure moment of freshness and start your routine on a healthy basis. Result: a face as soft as silk and clean as a whistle!

Its natural formula combines the soft and nourishing properties of sweet almond oil and shea butter with the power of perlite, a natural volcanic stone, to exfoliate while respecting your skin's balance. Ideal for regular use! A vegan formula certified Ecocert COSMOS NATURAL, with 97.5% of ingredients of natural origin. No plastic beads, no parabens, no silicone, no phenoxyethanol, and no animal derivatives. 

Wet your face, then apply a small amount of FACE WASH exfoliating cleansing gel. Gently massage, insisting on the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin), more loaded in sebaceous glands. Rinse thoroughly, then dry your skin. There you have it, a brand new face!

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Mattifying Moisturizer 75ml
Hydra Matte
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Men's skin deserves to be pampered too! With the HYDRA MATTE moisturizing face cream, Monsieur BARBIER provided to your skin all the moisture and care it needs, avoiding shine and other flakes, for a clean, matte complexion. All this in a fluid and sensory formula thought for quick absorption. Certified Ecocert COSMOS NATURAL. Healthy glow guaranteed, friends!

The sweet almond oil and aloe vera extract nourish and restore the skin barrier, while sea fennel extract has a toning and firming effect on the signs of fatigue. All this in an anti-reflective mattifying formula, vegan and certified COSMOS NATURAL, made with 99.5% of ingredients of natural origin, without parabens, silicone, phenoxyethanol, or any animal derivative. 

Once you have cleansed your face, apply a knob of HYDRA MATTE cream to your dry face. Spread the product evenly by massaging gently for optimal penetration. Focus on the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin), which is prone to shine. And there you have it, your skin is clean, trust it!

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Skincare Gift Set
The Happy Face Box
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Treat him (or yourself!) to the best of natural skincare with the HAPPY FACE gift set. The complete routine for healthy skin, with Ecocert COSMOS NATURAL certified products that are as sensory and effective as ever. BARBIER's quality strikes again!

The RHASSOUL KITCHEN solid soap, with rhassoul clay from the Atlas Mountains, cleans your skin in depth. The FACE WASH exfoliating cleansing gel, with sweet almond oil and shea butter, nourishes the skin while purifying it with its natural perlite. Finally, HYDRA MATTE mattifying moisturizer protects and moisturizes your face, while erasing shine for a clean, matte finish. The essentials of men's skincare, hand-wrapped in a beautiful French Touch gift set.

In the shower, wash with the RHASSOUL KITCHEN soap and its ultra-absorbent rhassoul. Apply a dab of FACE WASH exfoliating cleansing gel to a wet face to generate a thin foam. Gently massage, insisting on the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin) before rinsing. Once your face is dry, take a knob of HYDRA MATTE mattifying moisturizer, then massage evenly over the entire face for a smooth matte finish. And there you have it, your skin is infallible for the day, trust it!

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How to take care of your skin?

Sign up for our skincare class

The word "skincare"' evokes a metal band for you? Do you want to start saving your skin from the hazards of a tumultuous life? Do not panic, Monsieur BARBIER is here to help you, with simple advice and concrete explanation. Sign up for our free online course, to receive a tip every week and develop your very own routine!

Monsieur BARBIER soin visage pour Homme close up visage

To each skin its own care

Men's skin is different from women's skin. It is thicker, more resistant, and more greasy because it is more loaded with sebaceous glands. This is due to testosterone, a male hormone that regulates the expression of these glands, and many other physiological phenomena, such as beard and hair growth. It is therefore important to choose the right skincare products.

Indeed, since women have naturally drier skin, the skincare products they use are often rather rich and not adapted to men's skin. They can even aggravate certain problems, such as the presence of pimples or shine, due to excess sebum. But do not worry, Monsieur BARBIER has created face & body care products that are in perfect harmony with your skin. Light, low-oily formulas that target our problems, as men. So stop stealing your girlfriend's moisturizer! Grrr.

Monsieur BARBIER soin visage pour Homme close up hydratant

Speaking of hydration, gentlemen…

You may not realise it, but your skin gets dehydrated very easily. This is called insensible water loss. A very accurate name, isn't it?

Basically, the water in your skin that makes it look so young, supple, and plump goes out through your pores and evaporates. To void this phenomenon, there is an oily film on the skin called hydro-lipidic fluid, which participates in the famous "skin barrier" that we often hear about. the role of this barrier is to protect the skin from external aggressions, but also to keep the water inside. But, it is very fragile, and it is necessary to take great care of it, to recharge it!

And if you've never used a moisturizing product, believe us, your life is about to change, word of mouth from converted customers and friends.

Dive into a world where your skin does not tug or flake, and where a delicate sensation comes over you when you stroke your face. A world where people tell you "you look great!", but above all, taste a comfort you can't live without. ;)

Monsieur BARBIER soin visage pour Homme routine

Face & body care, THE green routine for men

Before anything else, choose the soap that best suits your skin, for a tailor-made shower wash. From Rhassoul, a true skincare Swiss Army knife, to activated charcoal, an intense purifier, all our great natural soaps are your friends for clean skin.

This is the BASIS!

Gently cleanse your face with the FACE WASH exfoliating gel cleanser and its natural perlite micro-beads. In addition to cleansing your face of dirt and urban pollution, exfoliation removes dead skin cells that are halfway hanging off, leaving room for your beautiful, new, energised cells.

You'll see the difference!

Then, moisturise your skin with your HYDRA MATTE face cream. its sweet almond will strengthen your skin barrier to protect it from aggression, keeping it healthy and, above all, well hydrated. In addition, its mattifying effect avoids any shiny reflection due to excess sebum, to which we, men, are so prone too! All you need is a little coffee, and you're ready for the day!

We value your opinion!

We have improved our formulas with each production batch, following your feedback, desires, and suggestions. It is not always easy, but every effort has been rewarded by your enthusiasm and encouragement, so we are not about to stop! We are convinced that by integrating all our customers into the "BARBIER team", we will succeed in doing what no other shaving brand for men has done so far. World Champions!

What's more, we do not hold anything back! In our superb and complete glossary, our pharmacist explains to you why we have chosen each component to fulfill every expectation. that is what clean beauty is all about! Feel free to stop by our blog from time to time to learn more about this unique transparency approach to men's cosmetics.

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