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The sweetness of an angel's face
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The sweetness of an angel's face
Certified COSMOS NATURAL by Ecocert Greenlife: vegan formula with 97.5% of ingredients of natural origin
Received the Best Beard Product Award at the CosmetiqueMag Indies Awards
Gentle exfoliation for a daily use
Packaging made with 100% recycled PET plastic
Exfoliating Cleanser 250 ml
Face Wash
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Softness and power combined in a natural and unique formula, to cleanse your face while pampering it at the same time!

Advice / Guidance

Wet your face, then apply a small amount of FACE WASH exfoliating cleansing gel. Gently massage, insisting on the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin), more loaded in sebaceous glands. Rinse thoroughly, then dry your skin. There you have it, a brand new face!


Its natural formula combines the soft and nourishing properties of sweet almond oil and shea butter with the power of perlite, a natural volcanic stone, to exfoliate while respecting your skin's balance. Ideal for regular use! A vegan formula certified Ecocert COSMOS NATURAL, with 97.5% of ingredients of natural origin. No plastic beads, no parabens, no silicone, no phenoxyethanol, and no animal derivatives. 

At Monsieur BARBIER, "good as new" is not just an expression! Give your face a new lease on life with your FACE WASH exfoliating cleanser. Its exclusive formula combines the exfoliating power of perlite, a natural volcanic stone, with the protective and restorative benefits of sweet almond and shea butter. The ideal snack for a purified and healthy skin!
Sweet almond oil
Shea Butter
Nettoyant Exfoliant FACE WASH de Monsieur Barbier est un nettoyant qui permet de purifier, réguler et adoucir votre peau. Ce nettoyant exfoliant est parfaitement équilibré pour permettre une nettoyage et une exfoliation douce de la peau au quotidien.


Discover the exfoliating powers of perlite, combined with the softness f sweet almond and shea butter, in a balanced formula that is both purifying and nourishing. 

Nettoyant Exfoliant FACE WASH de Monsieur Barbier est un nettoyant qui permet de purifier, réguler et adoucir votre peau. Ce nettoyant est certifié COSMOS NAT grâce à sa formule naturelle est son packaging fait avec 100% de plastique PET recyclé.


No plastic beads in this unique formula, but volcanic stones instead, for truly beautiful skin! The FACE WASH cleansing and exfoliating gel is made with 97.5% of ingredients of natural origin and is certified Ecocert COSMOS NATURAL.

FACE WASH is a gentle exfoliator that can be used daily. As a result, the texture of your skin will become thinner with each use.

Trucs de Mec
100% recommandation

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verified buyer
2020-05-06 05:46:07
"Douceur & puissance"...
Excellent produit qui allie effectivement douceur & puissance. La peau est propre, saine et comme dynamisée sans aucune gêne ni tiraillement. Le rasage en est, du coup, facilité. C'est un formidable produit que l'on peut utiliser deux fois par semaine.
Yes, I do recommend this product
verified buyer
2020-05-07 12:38:34
Je vais avoir du mal à m’en passer. Le côté exfoliant est vraiment agréable et un parfum super.
Yes, I do recommend this product
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Cleansing and exfoliating your face, a basic!

"Cleanse, exfoliate, but what for, BARBIER?" gentlemen, if there is one thing Monsieur BARBIER can tell you, it is that beauty starts with a little housekeeping. your face is constantly exposed to external aggressions, pollution, bacteria (try to count the number of times you touch your face without washing your hands during the day!).

In addition to this, men's skin is highly charged with sebaceous glands, which produce the infamous sebum. Too much sebum makes the skin oily, shiny, and can even, lead to infections and pimples. Purify it with Monsieur BARBIER's FACE WASH exfoliating cleanser. With two to three uses a week, you can go from having flawed skin to having baby skin!

A natural and balanced cleanser

The FACE WASH exfoliating cleanser contains micro-beads of perlite, a natural volcanic stone, which, when massaged onto the skin, exert a mechanical action on impurities and dead skin, simply pulling them off the skin and removing them. In addition, it activates cell renewal for a younger, smoother, and more vibrant face than ever. That's the magic of exfoliation!

In addition, sweet almond oil and shea butter promise a sensory journey with each use, in addition to nourishing your skin and bringing softness to your exfoliation. All of this is a certified COSMOS NATURAL natural formula, and a bottle both elegant and recyclable that will quickly find its place in your beautiful bathroom.

The first step to skincare

Now that your skin is clean and pure, you can really take care of it. Starting with shaving. Fed up with infections and irritations? Shave on a clean face, as a clean face means fewer bacteria to seal into the micro-cuts! Moreover, exfoliating smooths the skin, and therefore significantly reduces razor blade snags. All good!

Finally, discover Monsieur BARBIER's face and body care range, to keep your skin well hydrated and healthy-looking. No more tightens, no more untimely flaking! And to please him, find our skincare products in the HAPPY FACE gift set. Never before has a set been so well named!